Now watching popular reality TV Show Shark Tank can help you to grow your business. Shark tank is a wonderful show that helps the start-ups in getting started. This show is aired all around the world for five years and has reached the success as well as topped the charts. The show comprises of two groups of people which are the investors also called as sharks because of their brutal advices and hard hitting comments. Aspiring entrepreneurs from all around the world also participate in this show in order to get the best deal for their products. The entrepreneurs present their products or services in front of the sharks and try their best to secure themselves with an offer from any of the five sharks. Some of the entrepreneurs succeed at grabbing the offer of their life whereas some of them have to leave the show with heavy heart and empty hands.

Two sisters and the sharks

Bright lights, complete silence, five sharks and millions of television viewers couldn’t afford to shake the ground of two South Korean sisters who ended up taking the best offer of the shark tank history. Both the sisters have built a miracle anti aging cream which impressed all the five sharks. Both the sisters have taken over the South Korea beauty industry and now have decided to take over the entire world and this is the reason why both of them decided to appear on the show. Both the sisters walked in the show very confidently and presented their anti aging cream. The presentation was awesome as well as very interactive. All of the five sharks seem interested in their beauty cream. Both the sisters realized very soon that the ball is now in their court so they negotiated a lot with all the sharks and ended up taking the offer of $2.5 million and 25% of the company. This was the biggest offer that was made ever in the history of the shark tank. That episode went viral and became the most watched episode of the entire series.

The anti aging cream

With the help of sharks, both the sisters are now launching their product on a global level. They are finally launching their miracle cream on Shark Tank under the name of Amore Skin. They have an anti-aging cream and eye serum that claims to reduce the wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags from under your skin. This anti aging cream goes deep down under your face and works from the root of the problem. It repairs the damaged tissues and triggers the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is responsible for the condition of the skin. As people age, the level of collagen in their skin cells reduces which results in loose, dull skin. This cream increases the production of collagen which results in soft, bright, glowing, plump and elastic skin. It is believed that the cream reduces 70% of your wrinkles and fine lines from your face and brings you back at the age of 30.