Almost every one of has seen a few people in their lives who look a lot younger than their age and we admire their looks. Genetic plays important role in people’s looks, but there are a few other things which can be done to slow down the aging process.


According to researches done in recent years, it has been found out that exercising regularly makes us look younger on a cellular level. It has been proven by studying the telomeres which are protective layers on the endings of our chromosomes, and they degenerate as we grow older. Degeneration of telomeres causes our chromosome to die which result in aging.

A study tried to find out the difference of telomeres among people who exercise regularly, and those who don’t and significant differences were found.

How does it work?

Shorter telomeres length was directly associated with aging. It was also found out during researches that physical activity was related to longer telomere length. Researchers found out that low-intensity workouts would not help slow down the aging process, rather one has to exercise rigorously to get the desired results. A high intensity or high-level physical activity would include at least 30 minutes of running (or any exercise in which whole muscles of your body are being used like swimming) for five days a week.

Aging related benefits of exercise

Exercise helps you to maintain your body, metabolism levels high and weight in an ideal range. Other benefits of exercise while you grow older include reducing bone loss, fewer wrinkles on the skin, maintained mobility, reduced joint pain and overall freshness and higher energy levels.

Exercise also makes you fit and healthy on the inside by preventing bone related diseases including osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory problems and improving blood circulation. The healthier you are on the inside, younger you will look on the outside.

Sleep is also the most important factor when it comes to healthy life style. Exercise has proven benefits on your sleep cycle. It increases the quality of sleep which is directly linked with brain activity and in result aging. Sleep is one thing which has a strong and powerful impact on your overall functioning including the digestive system, circulatory system and generally everything. Exercise will have you get quality sleep which will improve the overall functioning of the body making you healthier and younger.

Exercise is also good for a brain area known as hippocampus which is related memory and memory something which deteriorates with age. Workouts also help your memory to stay intact.

Workouts which are helpful to prevent aging

It must be kept in mind that not every workout has the same benefit as the other. There are a few workouts recommended by experts which lower down the effects of aging, and those are Yoga, Resistance Training, and Cardio.

Yoga is known by almost every fitness and exercise lover nowadays. Yoga lowers Cortisol levels and also bone re-absorption. Resistance training is related to any exercise in which you move your body against the force of gravity and Cardio is again much familiar exercise in exercise lovers.