Thinking about net carbs? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you would like to know about total carbs and what role they play in your diet plan.

During your weight loss program, net carbs are something which will pop up from time to time. Net carbs are diet focused foods so that you think that they are important to you. When you look at the ingredient list of food items which contain net carbs you will notice it say this product has ‘x, ’ i.e., Net amount of carbs.

If you are still in doubt, then keep on reading this article as it will clear your concept of net carbs.

 What is net amount of carbs?

The net amount of carbs are basically the amount of carbohydrates present in the food you are eating which affect your blood sugar level. Dietary fibers are not counted in net carbs as they are not retained by the body instead they are removed from the body. Dietary fibers only contribute 2 calories per gram. Vegetables and fruits are not counted for net carbs since the fruit sugar does not affect your blood sugar level. Suppose if you take a chocolate bar which contains 56 calories 16 grams of sugar you will be receiving, 16 net carbs from that sugar. All these carbohydrates are stored in your body for later so they must be counted in your calorie intake.

And if you eat an apple you will get 14 grams of net carbs out of which 2.5 grams would be dietary fiber which will be removed from your body. Due to this fiber content, your body gets fewer carbs from an apple.

What food contains net carbs?

Basically, the foods which contain net carbs are the ones with sugar alcohols and dietary fibers in them. These sugar alcohols are just a form of sweetener and are not absorbed in the body. These foods may have a high amount of carbohydrates in them, but they don’t provide you with a high amount of calories as most of those carbs are not absorbed by the body.

Should you count the net amount of carbs?

So should net carbs be counted in your daily diet or not? You are the one to choose that. As you read above that dietary fibers, supply approximately 2 calories per gram the rest 2 calories are wasted. If food has 5 grams of dietary fibers than you will get 10 calories less out of that food than you actually thought.  It might add up to become your bonus intake. If you are eating something with very less sugar alcohol then you should count this food since the content in this food will go in your blood and due to less sugar alcohol almost nothing would be wasted so you can count this one up. Generally, you should not worry about the net amount of carbs for everything you eat until or unless you are following a very low carb diet.

So here is everything you needed to know about net carbs and if you should count them or not.